Why Voisof?

We Delivered as a cloud-based or on premise monitoring solution.

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We are the leading solution to improve contact center and enterprise performance through speech analytics. It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels.
Powered by Voisof’s 99.5% accurate Chrome speech to text service.


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Custom Words (Coming Soon)

You can customize Voisof to recognize custom words. This might be business names, web addresses, the correct spelling of peoples names, industry specific terms. Anything you wish.

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Canned Answers (Coming Soon)

Voisof will also includes a full-fledged canned answer solution allowing you to instantly access templated emails, form messages and more.

How Voisof Can Improve the Customer Experience

  • Unlock the Voice of the Customer
  • Deliver Faster Speed to Intelligence
  • Improve the Quality of Service
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • This product has value added features and can be easily enable for smart building and smart city feature
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Powered by Machine Learning

Apply the most advanced deep learning neural network algorithms to your user's audio for speech recognition with unparalleled accuracy. Speech API accuracy improves over time as Google improves the internal speech recognition.

Return Text Results in Real-Time

Speech API can stream text results, returning partial recognition results as they become available, with the recognized text appearing immediately while speaking. Alternatively, Speech API can return recognized text from audio stored in a file.

Accurate in Noisy Environments

You don’t need advanced signal processing or noise cancellation before sending audio to Speech API. The service can successfully handle noisy audio from a variety of environments.

Over 110 Languages

Speech API recognizes over 110 languages and variants to support your global user base. You can also filter inappropriate content in text results.